Muscle Work

Reduce Or Eliminate Your Muscle Pain

Get chiropractic treatments for pulled muscles in Boise, ID

Did you pull a muscle in a sports competition? Did you injure yourself lifting something heavy? Whether you're just sore and tight or have a muscle injury, you can find relief at Body of a Champion Chiropractic.

Our chiropractor in Boise, ID helps patients of all backgrounds work through muscle tension and stress so they can recover quicker and feel better. From manual muscle work to trigger point therapy, she'll use specialized techniques to target your problem areas and help you resolve your muscle problems.

Arrange for chiropractic treatments for sprained muscles, tears and strains by calling us today.

Your treatment options

Your treatment options

There are several methods for manipulating muscles to help them recover. Our chiropractic treatments for pulled muscles and injuries include...

  • Using bare hands and specialized tools to work tension out of problem areas
  • Trigger point therapy which focuses attention on specific trigger points to relieve pain
  • Roller and hydro tables to help massage sore muscles effectively

We'll discuss your situation with you and recommend options that can work for your muscles. Make an appointment by contacting us at 208-990-7010.