Shari W.

After the stresses of Covid quarantine I found myself in pain. I saw Dr Wills and she did a comprehensive evaluation. After the adjustment the stresses melted away. She gave me tricks and tips to self maintain my balance. Its been over a month and I still feel great. Thanks Dr Wills! I highly recommend visiting her.

Oliver M.

Several years ago, I went to see a chiropractor in Seattle and had a TERRIBLE experience. Simply put, I was terrified of ever seeing another Chiropractor. A friend of mine here in Boise, went to see Dr. Wills at Body of a Champion, and she raved about how much she enjoyed her experience and how good she felt. I wasn't buying it. After teasing me a bit, my friend offered to pay for my first visit. While I appreciated her kindness, I refused. She persisted. I relented....and I'm so glad I did. I have no seen Dr. Wills several times, and my neck and back feel like they did when I was in my 20's (I'm 41). I thoroughly endorse Dr. Wills, and I have recommended her to all of my family and friends (even the ones who are scared little babies like me).

Racquelle F.

I hurt my back coaching and had to find someone quick to help me. Dr. Wills was so accommodating, she got me in so quickly. She had me back to coaching by the next day. She explained everything she was doing thoroughly and gave me a plan to help after seeing her. I highly recommend her for personal or family use!

Rebecca W.

Dr Wills was so wonderful! Professional, kind, listened to my concerns and preferences, and told me what to expect before she adjusted anything. Crazy affordable too!!

Cassidy B.

Dr. Madison Wills is a fantastic chiropractor! Last February, I was struggling with pain in my right shoulder and tightness in my back that made it difficult to breathe. Dr. Wills set me right! She is a fantastic listener, addresses your concerns, and explains the steps as she goes. So kind and professional. I wish I lived in the Boise area so that I could regularly visit Body of a Champion Ciropractic!